William Moore & Grey cooperates with Wardfield and recommends exclusively the use of the Wardfield LightGun holder, an innovative and quintessentially British gunholder invented and designed by Simon Ward.

REDUCE FATIGUE. LightGun helps safeguard against accidents that can potentially occur when your arms are tired from shooting.

IMPROVE COMFORT. Shoulder webbing distributes the weight of carrying your shotgun without restricting movement. So every shoot places less pressure on arms, backs and shoulders, whilst protecting your full, unrestricted swing.

IMPROVE ACCURACY. LightGun reduces the burden of carrying a shotgun throughout a shoot, ensuring firing arms remain up to the challenge. Improve the experience hands-free when your gun is not in use. Draw in one swift, smooth movement when you spot your quarry. Ideal for walked-up and driven shoots.

SHOOT IN STYLE. The finest natural materials, hand crafted and finished in the UK: LightGun complements even the most formal dress codes. Simon Ward was introduced to shooting when he was 11. He lived on a farm in Lancashire’s oft-overlooked Forest of Bowland. When his father, a farmer and keen game and clay shooter, presented him with a trusty Cooey .410, he never looked back.

ABOUT SIMON WARD. Simon has always enjoyed being outdoors, especially in the countryside. Simon began his own groundworks business at the age of 19, where his business has continued to grow till present day. Simon first thought of the the LightGun idea approximately 4 years ago (Nov 2013), whilst he was on a game shoot. His fellow shooters began complaining that their gun was too heavy and their arms were beginning to ache. They were tempted to break them over their shoulders or place them on the ground which is not necessarily safe. And when they came to shoot, tired limbs meant poor accuracy and a poorer experience. This is when Simon had his lightbulb moment, if only he could create something to solve this problem. That evening Simon began searching the internet for a gun holder, but when he couldn’t find one and he realised that there was a gap in the market. Soon after Simon went to the workshop along with his dad, who is also an inventor and has a passion for creating things, and began folding and manipulating a piece of scrap metal in order to produce a mock-up of a gun holder that would hold a broken shot gun safely. Simon was keen to make this gun holder desirable to people within the shooting industry, and therefore decided that the holder should be coated in leather. However, as the Gun holder was a unique shape Simon wondered whether or not this would be possible. He took the metal holders to a local saddlers and asked the question. The leather makers were up for the challenge. He wanted to create something that not only looked the part but also improved the shooting experience by reducing fatigue, improve comfort, improve accuracy and promote safety. Simon has dedicated 4 years to the LightGun holder, which has not only been an exciting journey and testing at times, but it has been educational and he has seen the product evolve over time to where it is now. Simon is passionate about products made in England and supporting local and English businesses, therefore all his suppliers are based in the UK.

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