Guns & Rifles

High quality guns

At William Moore & Grey, we specialize on exclusive one-off high quality guns. Our shotguns are usually sidelock ejector masterpieces or outstanding and reliable over and under guns. We have been synonymous with fine and superb made shotguns since 1808. Available gauges include 12; 16; 20; 28 and 410. Chokes are produced according to clients’ requests.

W e produce express rifles and bolt action rifles in a broad variety of calibres. Our express rifles are built to equally high standards and represent truly unique guns. Bolt rifles built according to client’s specifications are also available in a considerable variety of calibres.

All our guns are unique and personalized to ensure they reflect the client’s personality and character. Whether it is a pair of fine .410 shotguns, a superb trio of 12 gauge guns for your estate or the ultimate rifle for the most unforgettable experience – William Moore & Grey is the right expert to build a unique gun for an exceptional gentleman or a lady.

Our shotgun or rifle barrels are built in the characteristic and professional way of William Moore & Grey using the most reliable materials available. Filed actions to highest precision using e.g. the "oil black" method, hand struck barrels, meticulously hand-shaped stocks and checkering, always according to the individual order of our patrons. Depending on the model of and shape of the gun, the production time might range from 6-10months.


O ur experienced, artistic and extremely skilled engravers can produce the finest, delicately detailed engraved designs according to the historic legacy of William Moore & Grey engravings of the past or following new and innovative patterns. Whether that is exquisite fine English rose and scroll, large acanthus scroll, heavy-relief scroll work, game scenes or something as individual as your family crest on the stock oval we can surely fulfil any requirement. Any gun becomes a truly one-off bespoke work of art, a valuable and most individual firearm.

After final adjustments have been made and the gun has been thoroughly tested, the last controls take place ensuring that the wood to metal finish is perfect. Our guns are proofed in London as a clear mark of distinction and synonym of high quality and safety.

Bolt Rifles

Our bolt action rifles are built on the reliable and appropriately scaled Mauser ’98 actions. We help you to find the appropriate length of the action, double or single square bridge and assist you to define the right calibre and length of the barrels.

Our bolt rifles follow the tradition of London best gun making and can be provided with any type of engraving requested.