William Moore & Grey Tranter revolver

A very rare and magnificent Tranter revolver, retailed by William Moore & Grey, 43 Bond Street, London. This revolver and matching case were sold by William Moore & Grey 43 Old Bond St, London and is so stamped on top of frame and on trade label. Features an octagon barrel, six shot, double action, percussion, blued finish and checkered walnut grips. Pistol has double Tranter patent stamps. Cylinder has English proofs. Has a spurless hammer. Basically a smooth brown-grey patina. Cylinder has some salt and pepper texture. Strong rifled bore. Indexes and locks up perfectly, and has original nipples. Housed in a period, wooden dealer case with faded green lining. Comes with a tin of W. Tranter Lubricating Bullets, a tin of Tranter Lubricating Cream, a tin of F. Joyce London Percussion Caps, a small brass James Dickson copper powder flask, wood handle brass tip cleaning jag, ebony handle nipple wrench, nickel oil bottle, original key and a Tranter's patent double cavity brass bullet mold. Fine mid-19th century cased English big bore revolver. Serial Number-18574; Manufacturer-Tranter; Model-Percussion; Caliber-.44bore; Barrel Length-6";

Purchased at Dan Morphy Auctions. Part of the William Moore & Grey Collection.

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